The Perfection in You, Season 2, Jesus and the Promise to Adam

Once Adam and Eve had sinned against God, He pointed his anger to the serpent (the devil) and declared that Adam and Eve’s Seed (Jesus) would crush his head. Jesus fulfills this promise when He defeats death with His finished work on the cross. Host John Hershenberg interviews his sister and the largest donor to Community People Ministries for her thoughts on her favorite glimpse of Jesus in the Old Testament.

The Perfection in You, Season 2, Christ on Every Page

We look at Luke 24 and the account of Jesus and the disciples along the road to Emmaus where Jesus says “beginning with Moses and all the prophets, all Scripture speaks of Me”. This now becomes the core focus of “The Perfection in You” program as we understand how Jesus can be found on every page of Old Testament scripture. Host John Hershenberg interviews his dear friend Pastor Randy Junkman from SOS Hawaii in this season two premiere.

The Perfection in You on Olelo, Episode #14 Perfect Works

In the book of James, it is written, "without works, faith is dead". When we receive Jesus as Lord, He lives in us, so every work that is of Him through our lives is perfect and done at the perfect time, if we let it. Be blessed by this short message, and enjoy host John Hershenberg's interview with the president of the Hawaii Foodbank as he explains their goals and overall operations.