Our Current Needs

Currently serving 500 households per month in Hawaii, we have noticed certain needs that people could help us provide and distribute:

Toiletry items (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, shave cream, skin cream, feminine items, etc.)

Bottled Water, Peanut Butter, Jelly, Spam, Vienna Sausage, Tuna

Laundry detergent, Fabric Softener

Cleaning supplies (dish soap, pinesol, ajax, etc.)

Paper items (toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, etc)

Manual can openers

Flashlights and batteries

Office warehouse space to store food and supplies

Commercial refrigerators and freezers

Gift cards for gas, groceries, McDonalds, Longs, etc.

Tents, tarps, and sleeping bags


Call us at 808-373-0400 or email john@hcpeople.com to arrange pickup of your donations, or you can drop them off at any of our monthly events at your convenience. We will receive the items and write you a tax-deductible receipt for your contribution.


Tax-Deductible Contributions

Click on any donate button on our website to give by credit card or paypal  or mail a check to:

Community People Ministries

1114 Lauloa St.   

Kailua, HI96734


Become a Volunteer

#1 Feel free, according to your schedule, to join us at any of our monthly events (see schedule on website).

Our larger events, Waianae Valley and Wahiawa, need more volunteers than other events. Most of our volunteers serve those days from Noon-3PM.

We need people to sort food, setup tents, greet people, and cleanup after event. Send us an email at john@hcpeople.com for more volunteer information and to let us know you’ll be joining us.


#2 You can also help us earn credits to purchase our food for the events. We currently have shifts available each Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at the Hawaii Foodbank, 2611 Kilihau St. Honolulu, HI 96819-2021 from either 7am-11am or 8am-Noon. During your shift, you will be sorting dry goods from local grocery stores and food drives. This is a weekly on-going commitment and some lifting of light boxes are involved. You will need to contact us at 808-373-0400 and attend a short orientation before starting your first shift.


#3 Church Partnership- If your church would be interested in serving communities near your church, have one of your pastors contact us to explore the idea of partnering to meet the needs of the community. Have them contact John Hershenberg at 808-373-0400 or john@hcpeople.com.




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