The Perfection in You, Season 2: Christ on Every Page, Intro Episode

As we begin season two of this series, let us dig into the Old Testament and learn more about God's promises and how they all lead to His Son Jesus Christ. From Adam to David and all the prophets, we will examine the richness of Scripture and how it supports the truth Jesus declared when He said that "all Scripture speaks of Him" Make plans to join us for every episode this season, because it is still all about "the perfection in you"!

The Perfection in You, Episode #13, Perfect Testimony

All the things that have happened in your life that makes up who you are; all the ways God has pulled you through; this is your unique testimony. It's like a special key that no one else has for the Holy Spirit to use toward people in your path to draw to Jesus. Look at the many testimonies in the Bible and how many people were drawn to the Lord because of their story. Be blessed by this short message!